Cross-country skiing

Glide across the snow-covered landscape

Classic or would you rather try skating style?
Enjoy being surrounded by untouched nature, tranquillity and improve your fitness at the same time: Cross-country skiing really has many benefits. In Damüls you have two panoramic cross-country skiing trails at altitudes of 1,500 and 1,700 metres to ski along.

The “Unterdamüls” loipe starts between the Kirchdorf and Oberdamüls. After three kilometres across flat terrain you reach the Alpe Unterdamüls. Continuing along the same stretch, you return to your starting point after another three kilometres.

If you choose the “Stofel” loipe, you’ll be starting in Oberdamüls. This is designed as a circular trail and can also be skied in skating style. There are also some steep sections along the 5-kilometres trail.

We would be delighted to give you detailed information about the cross-country skiing trails when you arrive at our Hotel Hohes Licht.