Summer holiday in Damüls

Hours of sunshine and panorama platforms

What does your perfect summer holiday in the Bregenzerwald look like? There’s a huge variety of ways to enjoy your leisure time with us. It doesn’t matter if you are en route by bike, water or on foot: you will enjoy the natural beauty surrounding our hotel in every activity.

Mountain biking

Tough ascents & exciting descents

The varied natural environment surrounding Damüls with its coniferous forests and sections of bare terrain is perfect for mountain biking. Come with us on an exciting journey through the mountain landscape!

Agricultural tracks and forest paths criss-cross through the Bregenzerwald and the Großes Walsertal. These are well-suited for mountain biking. There are also numerous tour tips on the surrounding mountain pastures, mountain peaks and viewing platforms that are all worth a trip.

In order to make the ascent easier, several cable cars have been fitted with fixtures to hold mountain bikes. They can be accessed free of charge with the Bregenzerwald Card. By the way, the nearest cable car to the Hohes Licht is only a few metres away: the Uga Express – so your extended bike tour can begin!

Angling & fishing

Have a good catch in the mountain streams and lakes

Do you already know about angling knots, fish species and waters? Or are you a total beginner, but someone with a burgeoning interest in angling?

The sport is very popular in Bregenzerwald and Großes Walsertal. So why not give it a try during your summer holiday in Bregenzerwald?

Attach the bait, cast your rod and then wait: Angling is a peaceful activity that brings you in harmony with nature. There are mountain streams, lakes and fish ponds nearby where you can pursue your hobby, such as the Krumbach, the Seewaldsee and the Bregenzerach.

You can get further information on the individual angling locations from the local municipal offices. We would be delighted to help you further when you arrive at Hotel Hohes Licht.


Driving along mountain and pass roads

Damüls offers the ideal starting point for your tour: You can drive off for an adventure in any one of three directions. There are also several high-lying passes nearby.

Damüls offers the ideal starting point for your tour: you can head off in a total of three directions towards the adventure. There are also several high-altitude passes in the immediate vicinity. Whether you’re interested in a trip to Switzerland or South Tyrol, a jaunt to Lake Constance or a journey across Vorarlberg: The possibilities are seemingly endless during your summer holiday in the Bregenzerwald.

We would be delighted to help you with your tour planning in the Hotel Hohes Licht. We also have a place to wash your motorbike and a heated room where you can dry out your motorbike outfit if necessary. So what are you waiting for? Your motorbike holiday at our Hotel Hohes Licht can begin!