Sustainability and environmental protection

There is no plan(et) B

As the parents of Amadeus and Cecilia, we think it’s important to keep the environment clean and healthy. We want them to be able to live close to nature in the future; in an environment where people and nature exist in harmony. It therefore goes without saying that we want to operate in a resource-saving way, act sustainably and protect the environment.

As is well known, we are stronger together and that’s why we ask you to follow these green principles with us. With your help, we’ll be able to continue living close to nature. Thank you in advance for your support! Here’s what we can do together to be environmentally responsible:


This means instead of transporting bottles of mineral water for kilometres through the region, we prefer to revitalise our Damüls water according to the Grander method. Returning it to its original form.

This is served still or carbonated. All of the water in our hotel is Grander water and you can help yourself to the water in the rooms for free. We charge standard mineral water prices for the water in the restaurant.

Water is a precious commodity, so when it comes to detergent, we attach great importance to using environmentally friendly products from the company Hollu. Here too, you can help save water, especially wastewater. Hanging your towels up means “I” will use them again, towels on the floor means they can be replaced!

Electricity and heating

In addition to our local electricity supplier VKW, which generates electricity through hydropower, since June 2022 we have had a photovoltaic system on the roof of our hotel for increased sustainability. This means we can directly use all of the solar energy generated in the house and need to import less from outside.

The cosy warmth of our hotel doesn’t just come from the furnishings or the people staying in the rooms, it’s also fed into the building via district heating from Damüls Biomass Plant!

Once again, a renewable local product with low CO2 emissions!


Although we have fridges in the rooms, they are always unplugged so as not to waste unnecessary energy. If you want the fridge switched on and maybe even filled, simply let Manuela or René know and we’ll happily arrange it.

Cuisine and everything related to it:

“Good reason begins in the kitchen.” (Friedrich Nietzsche)

What does quality mean or what does it mean to offer a carefully selected range at a certain price? There is no clear-cut answer here and everyone will interpret it their own way.

For us, quality clearly means knowing our suppliers and that they are able to provide information about their products, their origin and processing as well as stick to short delivery distances.

Animal welfare is paramount and not everything should be served all year round. Consuming less meat and eating more mindfully without missing anything – we’re happy to help you with this.

We give free rein to the creativity of our kitchen team and are surprised on a daily basis by the fantastic things they do with regional, fresh and healthy food.

We appreciate traditional foods and love rediscovering it!

With Austria being such a great wine country, we don’t need wines from all around the world because Austria and its direct neighbours have outstanding wines without long delivery routes!

We don’t strive for quantity, but for quality that tastes good and can be enjoyed with a good conscience. This not only applies to us as a family, but our staff are also trained in this area and convinced of the importance of sustainability.

People and nature in harmony

We are mindful of the environment, don’t leave waste behind in nature and don’t carelessly run through the high ‘fodder grass’. Take your time to enjoy the beauty of our Damüls landscape. Stop and listen to the sounds of nature. Watch the children play in the meadows or forest, or simply be grateful for everything that we have!

Greet people with a smile – being on this planet is a beautiful thing! Do you have ideas about other things we can do or questions about environmental protection and sustainability at our Boutique Hotel Hohes Licht? We look forward to hearing from you and discussing this further!